I am a photographer as well as a father, an acrobat, and Parkour practitioner.
Over the years I've performed and photographed all over the world. My work has allowed me to live a very interesting and diverse life and experience a great many things.
From flipping over Ant & Dec to get into the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent in 2007, to choreographing action sequences with such stars as Glenn Close, Alfie Boe and Emma Thompson to name a few, to performing at corporate parties and events all over the world, holding multiple Guinness World Records then reaching the semi-finals of Ninja Warrior UK in 2018. In the photography world, I am also a staff writer for Fstoppers.
Living such a colourful life has given me freedom to be creative and develop my own style.
It has also allowed me to open my own Academy with my very own gym & studio in Essex.

Primarily I am director of Team Kinetix and former Elected Director of Parkour UK.
As part of this role in Team Kinetix I oversee all the marketing and promotion, this involves a lot of photography  of events, Parkour, Freerunning & Acrobatics.
In addition to professional photography services I can also offer photography workshops as I am a qualified adult educator with a Lv3 Diploma in Education & Training.
In 2008 I started photography seriously in order to take promotional images of Team Kinetix. I quickly fell in love with digital photography and began pursuing photography outside of Parkour and Acrobatics. I then continued to study analogue photography & digital editing techniques across a wide range of subjects.
I started to photograph professionally in 2012. This led to the purchase of more equipment and further education, the increased time and access to diverse subjects helped to develop my specific photographic style.
After shooting a number of weddings since 2013 I discovered a real passion for being part of a wedding and capturing the magical moments of your special day.
Having a great deal of experience photographing events and fast moving activity means I never miss a second of your big day.
As I'm something of a tech geek I continue to be fascinated by the science of photography, new technology and getting the most out of equipment.
For all enquiries please contact brad@teamkinetix.co.uk

Brad Wendes 2020

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