I've known Russell for a very long time, and I felt quite honoured when he approached me about this particular shoot. Russell is a Personal Trainer, Kettlebell coach, Triathlete, and Mountain Bike enthusiast. Earlier this year while cycling in North Wales with friends and family Russell had a potentially life-changing accident. Russell went over the handlebars while riding a challenging trail, landed on his head and broke his neck. The break was referred to as a "hangmans break". I can't imagine the range of emotions Russell went through over the months, from being told what the damage was, what the prognosis could be, wearing a collar 23 hours per day for several months, right through to the absolute relief of being informed that his neck had healed, and he would go on make a full recovery.
Russell wants to write about his experience, and he asked for some images with the collar on, the collar off, and holding weights, trying to convey how he felt at various stages of his ordeal.
Russell is an absolute warrior, and I am proud to be even a small part of his story.

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